Liposomal Curcumin-Resveratrol

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Supports a Healthy Inflammatory Response, Clear Thinking, Longevity, Heart Health, Joint Health, Mood Balance and More

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Brand: Core Med Science

Product Code: liposomal-curcumin-resveratrol-CMS

Servings per Container: 30

Quantity per Container: 6 Oz

  • Powerful Anti-inflammatory, Minus The Side Effects - Curcumin has been shown to be as effective as many anti-inflammatory medications including . It blocks molecules like NF-kB alpha that play a crucial role in chronic inflammation. But this natural product has none of the side effects.
  • Ageless - Counteracts molecules that lead to premature aging, protecting fatty acids, proteins, and DNA from oxidation.
  • Clear Thinking - Promotes healthy levels of brain-derived neutrophic factor (BDNF), a restoring molecule that is crucial for brain health. Too little BDNF can cause brain cell degeneration.
  • Longevity - Resveratrol has been shown to extend life in many animal species including fish, mice, and certain strains of yeast. While studies are hard to do in humans, if the animal studies are any indication this is a powerful benefit we could all be taking advantage of.
  • Heart Health - Needed for the proper function of your endothelium the cells that line the walls of your blood vessels. Problems with this cell wall are a primary contributor to heart disease and failure.
  • Joint Health - Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin can be a powerful aid to people with arthritis. It could help reduce pain, swelling and tenderness.
  • Mood Balance - In one study of 60 patients, curcumin helped with depressive symptoms more effectively that Prozac alone. Combining Prozac with curcumin had even better outcomes.
  • This supplement is made in the USA. All ingredients are tested in a third-party cGMP facility to ensure they are of the highest quality.
  • Non-GMO liposomes, Vegan, Non-Soy ingredients

When you take a powdered form of curcumin, whether in capsule form or otherwise, a tiny fraction of the active ingredient makes its way to your blood stream. However the liposomal structures in this product - microscopic spheres of fatty acid that encase the curcumin - protect it from the harsh environment of your stomach and digestive tract, making more curcumin available for absorption into your body. In addition, the liposomes facilitate absorption of the curcumin by fusing with the intestinal cells responsible for absorption of nutrients delivering more curcumin to the circulation than otherwise would be possible with just a plain powder supplement.

Resveratrol is much better absorbed when taken orally, but when it is metabolized in your liver most of what you get orally is inactive, meaning it is not bioavailable to your body. Like liposomal curcumin, the spherical fatty structures in which the nutrient is delivered protects it making it more bioavailable to you.

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11/14/2023 11:36 am

Great product combination and thanks

by Dennis S.

Great product combination and thanks for the fast delivery!

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11/14/2023 11:37 am

Curcumin + Resveratrol

by Melisa G.

Great product!

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11/14/2023 11:38 am

Jack O.

by Jack O.

I have been taking your curcumin/resveratrol product for a year now,it has worked great on my joint pain in my knees and ankles,I have other family members and coworkers that have tried it and are now using it daily.

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11/14/2023 11:39 am


by John L.

I love this product. It just works.

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11/14/2023 11:40 am

Taste great

by Kathryn W.

I love this product

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11/14/2023 11:41 am

Liposomal Circumin

by Michael M.

Not opened yet, but on balance, I think you have quality products

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11/14/2023 11:41 am

Love this product

by Ana A.

I have R.A. and this product is very helpful with keeping the inflammation down. I love it.

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11/14/2023 11:43 am

Liposomal Curcumin

by Judy D.

Awesome! I use this daily to help decrease swelling after injuries.

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11/14/2023 11:43 am

Incredible product!

by Ian S.

I’ve tried a lot of curcumin and this is the best!

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11/14/2023 11:44 am


by Daniel P.

You can feel the difference.

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