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When you shop on www.professionalsupplementcenter.com or place an order with us, you are accepting the terms of the following Sale Agreement.

This Sale Agreement is a legal contract between the Customer and ProfessionalSupplementCenter.com. The Customer accepts this Sale Agreement by making a purchase, placing an order, or otherwise shopping on the Site. (References to "you" or "your" shall relate to the Customer; references to "ProfessionalSupplementCenter.com" shall relate to ProfessionalSupplementCenter.com.) The terms and conditions of this Sale Agreement are subject to change without prior notice, except that the terms and conditions posted on the Site at the time the Customer initially places or modifies an order will govern the order in question.

This Sale Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Customer and ProfessionalSupplementCenter.com relating to the purchase or sale of goods or services on the Site. The Sale Agreement may only be modified or terminated with regard to goods or services that have been purchased or sold on the Site in a writing signed by ProfessionalSupplementCenter.com. Electronic records that are otherwise valid, shall be accepted under the Sale Agreement. The Customer consents to receiving electronic records, which may be provided via a web browser or e-mail application connected to the Internet; consumers may withdraw consent to receiving electronic records or have the record provided in non-electronic form by contacting ProfessionalSupplementCenter.com at the address provided below.

In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions stated on your purchase order and this Sale Agreement or any terms and conditions on our invoice, you agree that the provisions of this Sale Agreement and our invoice shall control.

State Sales Tax

Because Professional Supplement Center maintains a physical presence in Florida, the company is required by law to add a 6.0% sales tax to orders placed by customers residing in the state of Florida.

Professional Supplement Center will also have a physical presence in the state of Tennessee. Customers shipping to the state of Tennessee will have a 9.25% sales tax added to their online order.

For states in which an online retailer does not have to collect sales tax, it is the customer's responsibility to pay the tax - in which case it is known not as a sales tax but a "use tax" instead. Please visit the Department of Revenue online for more information regarding use tax and how it may apply to your order.

Governing Law

This agreement and any sales hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the states of Florida and Tennessee without regard to conflicts of laws rules. You the customer consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal or State courts located in Sarasota County, FL and/or Williamson County, TN for the purposes of any suit or legal action arising from this sale agreement.

General Legal & Internet Disclaimer

ProfessionalSupplementCenter.com HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THIS DISCLAIMER BY ProfessionalSupplementCenter.com IN NO WAY AFFECTS THE TERMS OF THE MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY, IF ANY. Internet connectivity requires access services from an Internet access provider. Contact your local access provider for rates, terms and conditions.

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