7 Day Metabolic Detox Comprehensive Program

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7 Day Detox Program

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Product Code: 7-day-metabolic-detox-comprehensive-program-NUM-van

Quantity per Container: 7 Day Supply

  • Promotes Healthy Response to Environmental Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Supports for the Metabolism of Common Heavy Metals
  • Supports for Healthy Hepatic Enzyme Activity
  • Supports for Healthy Kidney and Hepatic Function

NuMedica's 7 Day Metabolic Detox Program is a powerful combination of three nutritional formulas and dietary guidelines targeted to support healthy removal of toxins from the body.

This Program Contains:

  • Dual-Tox DPO®, designed to support balanced activity of the body’s Phase I and Phase II detoxification processes. Dual-Tox DPO® has been formulated to contain select ingredients, Dual Phase Optimizers (DPO), to enhance the activities of hepatic detoxification enzymes and support healthy detoxification pathways. The 5-MTHF in this formula – Quatrefolic® – is the most biologically active form of folate, allowing rapid uptake into the bloodstream. The 5-MTHF in this formula is also known as the "L" form of 5-MTHF since it is the reduced form of folate.
  • HM Protect™, an exceptional formulation of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients designed to support a healthy response to environmental heavy metal toxicity.
  • ProGI Soothe™, an easily digestible dietary supplement, with well-tolerated rice protein, providing whole body support including comprehensive Phase II hepatic detoxification along with gastrointestinal restoration and elimination support. The specially processed rice protein in this formula provides a full complement of essential and nonessential amino acids, including the sulfur-containing amino acids cysteine and methionine.
  • Ellagic acid, watercress, and calcium-d-glucarate are involved in phase II detoxification of xenobiotic compounds. N-acetyl cysteine is a valuable precursor to glutathione, which aids in hepatic function and detoxification pathways. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an excellent source of bioavailable sulfur, an essential micronutrient vital for healthy tissues.
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