ParaGuard Liquid Intestinal Flora Support

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Helps Provide Maintenance of a Healthy Digestive System

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Brand: Zahler

Product Code: paraguard-liquid-ZHL

Servings per Container: 118

Quantity per Container: 4 Oz

ParaGuard contains a unique blend of herbs that assists in optimizing digestive and instestinal balance.

12/9/2018 11:00:00 pm

I would buy this product again

by Sam -

Best parasite cleanse I've ever used

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3/3/2019 4:47:00 am


by BBP

I never felt so clean in my life. I highly recommend Paraguard to all.

Not medical or professional advice

4/10/2019 6:46:00 am


by Judy M

This formula is a great combination and really works well. The strong taste just makes it difficult to give to children. So I called the ASK-ZAHLER hotline about what to do and they told me about the ParaGuard softgels. Lukily, I tried teaching my kid to swallow and it worked.

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5/9/2019 5:12:00 am


by Melinda

I moved to Nigeria a month ago. I ate something bad from a restaurant and was sick solid for three days: nauseous, diarrhea, bloating, and stomach cramps. I have not been able to eat or drink anything without instant pain. Today I took my first dose and noticed an immediate difference! Thank G-d!

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7/8/2019 3:50:00 am


by Judy

My whole family was up at night with pinworms. After a ParaGuard cleanse for the entire family we have quiet nights and much improved digestive systems. ParaGuard really works.

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2/18/2021 5:34:00 pm


by Richard Sampson

Great product. Had digestive issues and just no energy. After using this product in 2018 my energy levels and digestive issues returned to normal. Thank you for making such a great product.

Not medical or professional advice

2/20/2021 8:29:00 am


by Patti Wilson

I have been taking Paraguard drops for 3 weeks and I am having great results with the product. I suspected I had parasites since I live on a cattle ranch and have a nervous habit of putting my fingers in my mouth. I had a fairly mild detox around day 8. I will continue for the 30 days. I did a parasite cleanse 8 years ago and I believe this product worked much better! Thank you for this great product.

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6/4/2021 11:51:00 am


by JC

I've been using Paraguard 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks. Digestive issues are much improved. Gas and bloating are gone. Mood and energy levels are increasing. Skin color is more rosey. Sleeping better.

Not medical or professional advice

8/19/2021 7:18:00 am


by Connie Byram

I have been taking Paraguard for about a week and I feel great and am sleeping all throw the night, and am not hungry. This great stuff, will keep this on hand.

Not medical or professional advice

12/9/2021 11:36:00 am


by Mitch Whitman

Today is my ninth day using Paraguard 4 times a day as directed. I have yet to see anything unusual. I am either already free of parasites or this isn't working. I had heard tht within 3 days I would be shocked, but absolutely nothing has happened.

Not medical or professional advice

12/22/2021 11:48:38 am

So far no results

by Susan Zilligen

I'm on day 8 of 10 day cleanse. No results at all.

Not medical or professional advice

1/17/2022 12:27:45 pm

Great Product

by Crystell Herling

I feel very confident about this product and its ability to cleanse my system.

I have a lot of gut issues and genuinely better.

Not medical or professional advice

1/26/2022 4:50:11 pm

No complaints

by Jennifer

I'm currently on day 4 and have yet to see any worms. I feel like I have a little more energy. I'm going to continue for 30 days and see what happens. I feel like it is helping my digestion also.

Not medical or professional advice

1/29/2022 12:29:17 am



I have been using this product for several days and thought I saw a worm, … but it was a fluke.

Not medical or professional advice

2/2/2022 3:06:33 am


by Glenn Thompson

Happy to write this review.. I have never written a review for a product before. I can honestly say the best decision I've ever made was buying the product (ParaGuard 4oz bottle)! Days 1-3, I didn't “investigate” what was passing through my stools. On Day 4 was when I realized... and OMG... and now 40-60 movements later (Day 10 now)... I'm still seeing Tapeworms/worms egg sacks... unbelievable what's come out of my body.. my upper and lower abdomen has depleted itself of nasty debris and can feel a physiological change for the better... I'm blown away how well and non evasive it is to consume, I've had zero side effect other than increased stools per day.. I went from 3 to 5/ waist has shrunk and feel amazing... I haven't check the weight scale yet but definitely lost weight and inches off mid section.. I've slept the best sleep for the past several nights too... anyways,... buy this ParaGuard product from Zahler Mfg. good luck all! This WORKS PEOPLE ...TOTALLY works!

Not medical or professional advice

3/3/2022 3:58:12 am

Trying this product

by Kimber

I absolutely love this product and it's effectiveness.

Not medical or professional advice

3/18/2022 9:59:40 am

You mailed this in envelope! It was broken

by Maria Rhymes

Broken upon arrival

Not medical or professional advice

4/7/2022 4:05:24 pm


by Customer

I'm so happy i have finally found a product that works! i'm a 32 year old mommaBear and I've owned dogs for as long as i can remember and I've always had all these health issues that i have had all my life and thought was normal.. since I've started a vegan and juicing kind of healthy lifestyle, i have been researching and looking for a product to do just what Paraguard has done for my son and i ! ITS A GAME CHANGER!! i recommend this product to add to your desired healthy lifestyle changes ! its just another thing added that has made a significant positive change in our lives.. thank you Christy so much for making this product and being an honest company! best wishes and GODBLESS =]

Not medical or professional advice

4/8/2022 10:00:23 am

Did nothing for me

by Sandra

10 days down and there's nothing.

Not medical or professional advice

5/8/2022 7:58:07 am

Gave me hives and itchy skin.

by Dino Bozzi

Unfortunately it gives me hives and itchy skin after I take it. I've taken “para end” from vitamin shoppe and “intestinal edge” without problems.

Not medical or professional advice

5/9/2022 11:01:21 am

I never would have imagined!!!!!!!!

by Lisa W

Wow! This is real! Why don't more people know about this? I've had fantabulous results, and i'm only 5 days in. I had some diarrhea and headaches on days 2 and 3, but now their gone and i'm feeling great. Much better than before. Also, i see i'm less bloated. Thank you :)

Not medical or professional advice

7/17/2022 2:57:55 pm

Better and Bitter :)

by Tress

Feel great and better than ever. .i guess i know why the worms don't like this tincture. STrong smell and taste, but well worth it.

Not medical or professional advice

7/25/2022 1:05:52 pm


by J G

Thank you for this life-altering supplement. I'm so grateful to my friend who introduced me to it. I'm 68 years old and since I starting ParaGuard, I feel 15 years younger.

Not medical or professional advice

8/16/2022 2:30:01 pm


by Jonathan R.

exactly as described. I feel now less bloated and much healthier. Digestion improved. Recommending to anyone who would listen.

Not medical or professional advice

8/27/2022 5:43:31 pm

ParaGuard Liquid

by Margaret Hunter

This is a natural way to detox and cleanse. I am not aware of any parasites, but I am pleased with the results after using it for almost 4 weeks. I recommend it and will continue on this product for maintenance.

Not medical or professional advice