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Immune System Support

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Samento contains an extract from samento bark and may support a natural immune system in a healthy body.

Samento is an herbal supplement that contains an extract from Uncaria tomentosa bark that is similar to cat's claw. It may provide optimal bioavailability and delivery for feelings of wellness. This formula does not contain TOA, and may support the body's natural immune system and internal response to challenges. This formula may also support temporary relief from occasional pain, support the normal detoxification of free radicals and metabolic waste, and support the normal cell division cycle.

Samento is derived from the roots of cat's claw, which is a vine that is identifiable by the claw-shaped thorn that grows from the stem. The roots of the plant may contain phytochemicals, include alkaloids, glycosides, tannis, flavonoids, and other compounds. When taken as a supplement, these compounds may provide potentially beneficial properties that support a healthy body.

  • May support the body's natural immune system
  • Contains potentially beneficial compounds

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11/29/2011 11:00:00 pm

Fighting Lyme Disease!

by Health Nut -

I read about the positive results for the treatment of Lyme Disease with Samento extract in a health newsletter that I subscribe to. I had previously taken 4 courses of antibiotics to no avail. I have a nutritionally oriented doctor so I asked her about Samento extract. She said it was worth a try. I started out very slowly as the directions state and worked up to the 30 drops, 2 times per day on an empty stomach. You must start with smallest dose and slowly work up to full dose as to avoid a herxheimer reaction. I have been taking now for 9 months and feel wonderful. No more aching joints, excessive tiredness,depression or fogginess. According to my doctor, my lyme/bloodwork shows improvement so I will continue! I am just happy that I'm feeling so much better.