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Veg Capsules 30

Formulated by physicians from Harvard, Cornell, MIT and Bastyr.

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30Veg Capsules

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Servings per Container: 30

Quantity per Container: 30 Veg Capsules

Iron is essential for health and required for hundreds of biological functions. Your red blood cell’s ability to carry oxygen requires iron. Your ability to create hormones such as thyroid hormone, dopamine and epinephrine depend on having enough iron. Iron is required to create, protect and repair your genes, to produce energy and for your muscle to work properly. Iron deficiency anemia affects at least twice as many women as men and low iron is the underlying cause of more than 50% of all cases of anemia.

Having low iron creates fatigue, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, dizziness, feeling depressed, difficulty processing information (brain fog), decreased memory (forgetfulness) and feeling cold. Because these have many other possible causes, iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia often go unrecognized.

FerroSolve® contains a highly-absorbable, chelated form of iron to promote and maintain healthy iron levels. Studies show that the form of iron in FerroSolve is up to 75% absorbable. FerroSolve doesn’t cause the GI discomfort that other products do. Forty-five milligrams of elemental iron per capsule.

Menstruating women are particularly at risk for iron deficiency because they lose blood each month during their periods. Up to twenty percent of women are at risk for a deficiency of iron, which can cause fatigue, sadness, learning difficulties, decreased memory, rapid heart rate. Severe iron deficiency may result in brittle and spoon-shaped nails, sores at the corners of the mouth, taste bud atrophy and a sore tongue. People take iron supplements to promote and maintain healthy iron levels.

But not all iron supplements are the same. Most contain iron gluconate or iron sulfate. These forms can be difficult on the body and cause constipation and abdominal cramping. That’s why many women have difficulty taking iron supplements. And that’s why NBI created FerroSolve. It contains an amino acid chelated form of iron that is highly absorbable—up to 75% absorbable—and does not cause abdominal discomfort.

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