Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink Mix

by Ultima Health Products
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Servings 30

Electrolyte Drink Mix
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$20.99 to $41.99

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Servings per Container: 30 Servings

Ultima Replenisher contains a perfect balance of all 6 electrolytes plus support minerals that work together to provide complete hydration without stomach upset so you can feel and perform your best. Zero Sugar, Zero Artificial Flavors, Zero Calories, 100% Awesome!

Ultima Replenisher is an advanced, balanced electrolyte drink. Optimal hydration requires a good balance of the macro and micro-essential electrolytes in the human body. Ultima provides these essential electrolytes roughly in proportion to what is lost in human perspiration. Electrolytes are most readily absorbed when consumed with a proper amount and type of carbohydrate. With no carbohydrates, the absorption of electrolytes is very low. With a large amount of carbohydrates, absorption is slowed by a long digestion process. Ultima Health believes that by minimizing carbs, and using only complex carbs (rather than simple sugar) the absorption of electrolytes is quick and effective.

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