Serretia Pure Serrapeptase

by Arthur Andrew Medical
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Capsules 30

Pure Serrapeptase with a minimum activity of 250,000 SPU’s per dose.

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Quantity per Container: 30 Capsules

Serrétia® is one of the world's strongest serrapeptase supplements with a minimum activity of 250,000 SPUs per dose. Serrapeptase's inherent ability to maintain normal protein blood levels allows the enzyme to successfully support healthy sinus activity, a normal inflammatory response ("From over-exertion from exercise), as well as maintaining healthy circulation." Serrapeptase is a non-GMO and vegan-friendly enzyme harnessed by isolating the microorganism Serratia E-15.

Serrétia utilizes phthalate-free Acid Armor capsules which have enteric properties that protect the enzymes from stomach acid without the use of chemicals and plastics commonly found in traditional enteric coatings.

  • Relief from pain and muscle soreness
  • Healthy sinus activity
  • Aids in recovery

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