Neprinol Advanced Fibrin Defense

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Nattovena from Arthur Andrew Medical is a pure nattokinase formula with 4,000 fibrinolytic units per capsule for the support fo circulatory and cardiovascular health, fibrin degradation, blood cleansing, blood viscosity, and plasmin production.
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Neprinol AFD for Fibrin Management

Neprinol Advanced Fibrin Defense by Arthur Andrew Medical helps to fill gaps that sometimes occur in enzyme production as we age. Enzyme deficiencies can lead to issues related to digestion, circulation, and the normal functioning of fibrin. Enzyme imbalances may lead to feelings of fatigue, discomfort, delayed healing after exercise, and a buildup of fibrin.

Neprinol AFD Benefits

  • Whole body enzyme support
  • Support for blood flow
  • Supports the clearing of unwanted proteins and inflammatory factors that can irritate the immune system
  • Supports the immune system
  • Helps to regulate fibrin levels in the body
Experience your potential with a therapeutic-grade enzyme product that has been thoroughly tested for quality and purity. Neprinol provides the right blend of systemic enzymes your body needs for proper circulation and joint comfort.

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7/10/2012 12:00:00 am

Two Great Health Evalutions

by Ron -

I have followed the recommendations of my Health Professional to increase usage to 3 between meals and recent physcial and health evaluations revealed complimentary results in all areas.