Nat-Stim Immune Fortifier

by Doctor Wilson's
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Unique Immune Support - Strong Daily Immune Support for Health Maintenance

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Brand: Doctor Wilson's

Product Code: nat-stim-immune-DRW

Servings per Container: 45 Capsules

The secret to remaining well is to have vigorous immune function, especially in your lungs, bronchi, throat, nose and intestines. Nat-Stim® is an immune system booster that was designed to promote strong reliable immunity specifically in these areas. This very unique NATural immune STIMulator provides long term immune support for healthy immune function and optimal immune defense to help you stay well naturally.

Nat-Stim® is not a pharmaceutical and does not work like a drug. It is a natural immune booster that helps invigorate, build up and support your body’s own immune processes naturally over time, even when taken for extended periods. This exceptional immune system dietary supplement is designed for regular, daily use to help sustain optimal immune protection without losing its effectiveness over time.In contrast, most immune system enhancers are intended for limited, temporary use. In fact, in Dr. Wilson's experience, the longer you use Nat-Stim® the better it works. Many people have had outstanding success using Nat-Stim® to help maintain health naturally.

  • Developed from a special immune-stimulating strain of lactobacillus
  • Added live probiotic selected for immune support in gut
  • Bioavailable form of zinc, trace mineral essential for immune function
  • Fortifies general and specific aspects of immune function over time
  • Promotes and supports strong immune defense
  • Maintains effectiveness with daily use
  • Safe and nontoxic, with no negative side effects
  • Small, easy-to-take capsules

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3/14/2012 12:00:00 am


by Lois -

Very effective

2/24/2012 11:00:00 pm

I owuld buy this over & over

by Lois -

We tried Nat-Stim 2 years ago & we stayed healthy, away from influenza's & strep. Last year we didn't take it & had strep & colds constantly! This year decided to try it again, & so far all we have had is a simple cold, no strep!