Sun Chlorella USA

The U.S. corporate headquarters, Sun Chlorella USA, based in Torrance, California, was also borne out of the determination of one man. In 1982, after spending 6 months researching chlorella intensively, George Higashida came to the United States with samples and brochures. He purchased a "chlorella-green" station wagon and started driving around the southwestern U.S., knocking on the doors of health food stores and doctors' offices.

Higashida recalls facing more rejections than welcomes. But over time he established relationships within the natural health industry that helped build the foundation for Sun Chlorella USA.

Sun Chlorella USA now employs nearly 60 people. Yet despite its growth, the company still retains the feeling of a family business. Everyone at Sun Chlorella works hard at their job and pulls together to continually improve our products, customer satisfaction and grow the business even more.

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