Standard Enzyme Company

We live in an exciting era for Holistic Medicine; it is being integrated into standard medical care, and people's lifestyles, at an astounding pace. This is because Holistic Medicine is effective and has proven that it works as the “bridge” to health and wellness.

Proud to be leading the field in this exciting era as one of the world's top distributors of professional-grade nutritional, phenolic, herbal, homeopathic supplements, essential oils and skin care products. Standard Enzyme Company was established well over a quarter century ago, by Naturopath James Hawver, and has been setting the bar in the natural product marketplace ever since.

SEC products hold to some of the highest purity standards in the industry and are produced under the most stringent of criteria. For this reason SEC products have become synonymous with dependability and excellence and the SEC line has become the "go-to" line for an ever growing number of health care professionals in the United States and abroad.

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