Om Mushroom Superfood

The word Om in their brand stands for Organic Mushrooms, as thier mushrooms are 100% Certified Organic. There is a deeper meaning to Om, and they acknowledge it has cultural and spiritual significance. Om is much more than a chant or a symbol. It is a sacred concept, revered for its deep spiritual importance in multiple religions. Om is often recognized as a chant and when said aloud, the Om (Aum) sound vibrates, creating energy and connection. By choosing Om as their brand name, our intent is for all their products to pay homage to what Om represents—connection, spirituality and the universal possibility for humankind.

Combining the expertise of mycologist Steve Farrar's 30 years of growing mushrooms with Sandra Carter's (M.A. MPH, Ph.D.) extensive knowledge in health and wellness they Grow, Process & Package their Certified 100% Organic Mushroom Powder in Carlsbad, CA.

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