3A Magnesia

by Lane Medical
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Helps Keep You Regular Day After Day in a Gentle and Effective Way

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Brand: Lane Medical

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The bloating‚ cramping‚ and the generally sick feelings that come from constipation can make you miserable. The longer you’re constipated‚ the worse your symptoms may become. In addition to being uncomfortable‚ it’s also not good for you: one of the ways your body eliminates toxins is through stool; if stool remains in your intestines for an excessively long period of time—as it does with constipation—your body may start to absorb those toxins.

Constipation can be caused by a low-fiber diet‚ low fluid intake‚ certain medications‚ an inactive lifestyle‚ or holding your bowel movements for long periods of time. Changing these factors may help relieve and prevent your constipation. However‚ some people are especially prone to constipation‚ and may need a little extra help to stimulate bowel movements. Stimulant laxatives can cause you to have a bowel movement‚ but they can also cause severe cramping and aren’t intended for long-term use because your body can become dependent on them.

Lane Labs’ 3A Magnesia by Lane Medical provides another way. It’s a natural supplement that helps you have bowel movements and works to keep you regular. This supplement doesn’t cause severe cramping and isn’t addictive. The active ingredients in 3A Magnesia are:

  • Magnesium‚ which draws water into your colon to stimulate bowel movements
  • Calcium‚ which can help relieve constipation
  • Sodium‚ which may help your body create digestive enzymes

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12/15/2020 11:00:00 pm

I would buy this product again and again.

by Claire -

I have found this product keeping me regular and works well. Claire

12/14/2020 11:00:00 pm

i will keep buying this as long as it keeps working great

by David -

great product and it works

5/25/2020 12:00:00 am

I would never be without my 3A Magnesium!

by Colettd -

I have been taking these every night before bed for years. Amazing supplement! Makes me feel calm for a good nights rest and keeps me regular.

9/7/2020 12:00:00 am


by paul -

This was recommended to me by my family doctor for easy and comfortable bowel movement. Once I found the right amount to use , it works great. I started with six tablets per day and now I only need 2 per day. I have been using them now for approx 5 years. The professional Supplement Center have always had the best prices. I am 73 years old and a good movement everyday is worth every dime.

2/3/2019 11:00:00 pm

3A Magnesia

by Claudia -

I was introduced to 3A Magnesia by my Acupuncturist to aid with digestion. I have not experienced any negative effects and will continue to use this until I no longer need it.

11/9/2018 11:00:00 pm

3A Magnesia great for leg cramps and BMs

by jj -

We order regularly and are happy with this product! It's better than any other we've tried for both muscle cramps and keeping BMs regular and soft.

9/22/2018 12:00:00 am

I would buy this product again

by John -

Take 2 or 3 every night at bedtime.

3/14/2017 12:00:00 am

This is a very different magnesium

by Bev -

I use this as needed and it does not take a lot. I take one to two caplets as needed. May also be helping with allergic sensitivities to food ingested in the evening. I will always want this around.

1/7/2018 11:00:00 pm

I will continue to use the product.

by Baronshivins -

At first I started with 6 with no results. After the second to third day I had great results. My regular habit of using the bathroom was three times a week, now it is almost everyday and I feel great.

6/13/2016 12:00:00 am

Excellent Service

by Happiness -

hard to swallow

6/3/2016 12:00:00 am

Don't know what I'd do without it! Wonderful! Thank you.

by Meg -

I particularly like how you handle phone orders and deliver PROMPTLY

11/3/2015 11:00:00 pm

Excellent product!!!!! Have been using it for years!!!!

by JO C. -

Essential product for patients with constipation due to IBS symptoms.

10/21/2015 12:00:00 am

Works better than anything!

by Chris -

Works great, dr said use miralax twice a day, NO COMPARISON!

8/12/2015 12:00:00 am

The only thing that has worked for me!

by Celina -

I had tried everything and this is the only thing that has worked and has kept me regular...Down to using two a night.

3/28/2015 12:00:00 am

It REALLY works!

by Skimmy

Used for years--in my 40s!! The only thing I've found to cure my constipation. Started with 5 and now use 2 daily. Can increase or decrease as needed. Changed my life!

8/12/2015 12:00:00 am

Fast shipping and affordable price.

by Repeat customer -

I used to get it from local place and costed 20% more.

2/3/2012 11:00:00 pm

A great digestive aid!

by Rizzo -

Product is a great digestive aid

1/25/2012 11:00:00 pm

great piece of mind

by nickel5 -

I started with six tablets for two days and have now found my needed dose of two perday.. Being a senior citizen with stool problems, this product fixed the issue. Everything runs smooth, no pain, no mess. I highly recommend this product to stay regular. They were recommended by my doctor and it works great.

1/19/2012 11:00:00 pm

Can't live without this product

by Judy the health nut! -

No Dr. could help me with my constipation problem even went to Mayo clinic. Chiropractor gave me 3A Magnesia to use and I have been using it for over 14 years. No pain just wonderful results every day and not harmful to you in any way. Suggested to many other people with the same results. I cannot live a normal life without this product.

1/18/2012 11:00:00 pm

Best Product for Digestive Issues

by Michelle the ""Feels Good""! -

This is hands down the best product for helping with digestive issues. I suffer from hemmorhoids and this is the only product that keeps me regular without a diarhetic. It has returned me to a normal and comfortable routine!

12/2/2011 11:00:00 pm

I would use this product again and again

by NYC Gal -

Always works and doesn't upset the stomach

6/3/2011 12:00:00 am

This is a great product for regularity!

by Suzie -

I drink a lot of water daily and the 3A Magnesia acts like a sponge in my colon providing daily regularity.

2/19/2011 11:00:00 pm

Works Miracles!

by Mimi

This is the only product that works for me. I have a thyroid problem, so getting regular is very hard and none of the other stuff I have tried works. If you need to regulate your bowel movements this is the stuff.