WellMind Calming Day Night Tablets

by MediNatura
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Day Natural Calming and and Emotional Balance - Night Calmer Minds Sleep Deeper

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Brand: MediNatura

Product Code: wellmind-calming-day-night-tablets-MDN

Servings per Container: 100

Quantity per Container: 100 Tablets

WellMind Calming Day Night Tablets from Medinatura is a homeopathic formula that may provide temporary relief from occasional tension and irritability during daily challenges. These chewable tablets also seek to support a healthy response to stress and frustration, may support normal mood and behavior in social situations, and may promote restfulness and a normal sleep schedule.

WellMind takes principles of homeopathic medicine to promote the healthy functions of the brain in response to internal challenges. Medinatura uses active ingredients that when ingested may cause a disruption to the normal function of organs or other biological systems; however, they dilute these ingredients to their “minimum dose.” This process is believed to provide optimal potency and medicinal benefit inside a healthy body. With this product, each step of dilution is shown as 1X, which means that 1 part of the medicinal substance is combined with 9 parts of diluent, which results in a concentration level of 10%. A 2X dilution lowers concentrationto 1%, 3X at 0.1%, and so on with the decimal moving left with each step in the dilution process.

WellMind contains the active ingredients chamomilla,coffea cruda, passiflora incarnata and valeriana officinalis. In their diluted form, these ingredients may support temporary relief from occasional tension and irritability that may result from feelings of nervousness.

  • Offers temporary relief from occasional symptoms associated with nervousness
  • May promote the normal functions of a healthy brain
  • Diluted forms of select chemicals may promote the normal functions of a healthy brain
  • Contains inactive ingredients: Lactose and magnesium sterate
  • Consider WellMind if certain environmental stimulation leaves you feeling nervous.

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11/3/2019 12:00:00 am

I highly recommend this product

by Susan -

Great supplement to ease an overactive mind to help ease into sleep vs a drowsy sleep aid. Also great for calming anxiety in any situation.