Vitamin D3 10,000 IU

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Bone Support. Immune Function. Heart Health.
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Quantity per Container: 360 Softgels

Carlson Vitamin D3 10,000 IU (250 mcg) is a high potency supplement that promotes teeth, bone and muscle health; immune function and cardiovascular function, and calcium absorption.

  • Supports strong bones by assisting calcium metabolism
  • Supports healthy immune system function
  • Supports heart health
  • FDA regulated facility

Vitamin D helps regulate and control the metabolism of Calcium and Phosphorus by aiding in the absorption of these two minerals from the small intestine, and by directly affecting the rate at which these minerals form and maintain bone.

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11/19/2019 11:00:00 pm

Problem dificiency corrected with this product.

by Charles -

My nutritional doctor recommended me taking 30,000 IU of vitamin D3, to correct my inability to maintain a healthy level of this nutrient. Many other doctors frowned on this dose, but nothing less would correct my consistent levels of 10-15 ng/ml. I now take 20,000 IU, and my D levels are staying at 50-70 ng/ml. I've been supplementing at that rate for several years, now, and all seems well. I have a number of such deficiencies and I am supplementing them as needed.

10/24/2014 12:00:00 am

My vitamin D levels are finally normal

by Easytimes -

For years, now, I have had problems keeping my D levels up to safe levels, following my antrectomy and recent revision of that resection. My integrative care doctor recommended taking two 10,000 IU softgels and three drops of liquid D 2,000 IUs, and we can finally hold a healthy D level without dropping into the danger range. I would recommend this supplement to people who have problems with their D levels. Not necessarily for others.