Vitamin C 1000 Plus

by Professional Formulas
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Tablets 180

Sustained release vitamin C.

SKU: vitamin-c-1000-plus-PCHF-180-tblts

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Product Code: vitamin-c-1000-plus-PCHF-180-tblts

Quantity per Container: 180 Tablets

Our superior vitamin products are based on selecting the highest quality vitamin sources, processing them with great care and attention to detail, formulating them based on the best clinical and research information, and providing finished products in delivery mechanisms that maximize effectiveness and ease of administration.

Our vitamin formulations range from single ingredient products to synergistically blended combinations. Wherever possible, we have blended herbs into the formulations to in order to provide the vitamins in a state that is as close to natural as possible. Precision and consistency in the blending and encapsulation processes ensures that one bottle is the same as the next. Professional Complementary Health Formula vitamin formulations are designed for ease of administration using Professional Complementary Health Formula’s true single serving

Most of our mineral products are encapsulated using only vegetarian capsules, natural and beneficial flow agents such as MCTs (Medium chain triglycerides), and specific pH targeted coating all to maximize nutrient utilization. We also use powders, tablets, perles, and liquid delivery methods where appropriate to maximize absorption and nutrient utilization.

Vitamin C 1000 Plus provides a concentrated crystalline source of L-ascorbic acid to ensure that our Vitamin C is the purest form‚ free of allergen and protein impurities.

Vitamin C works as a catalyst for the absorption of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Professional Brand

Scientifically formulated, pharmaceutical grade supplements meet or exceed the highest standards of excellence from formulation through raw materials testing and current good manufacturing processes (cGMP). Third party independent testing assures superior quality, enhanced absorption, purity, potency, efficacy and truth in labeling.

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