Tranquilent Chewable Inhibitory Support for Relaxation

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Chewable and raspberry-flavored to help stay calm naturally!

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Brand: Sanesco

Product Code: tranquilent-chewable-inhibitory-support-relaxation-SNS

Servings per Container: 30

Quantity per Container: 30 Tablets

Tranquilent is a unique, chewable, raspberry-flavored formula providing support for the inhibitory system - both serotonergic and GABAergic neurotransmission. Tranquilent may be used for acute situations as well as for rebalancing the inhibitory system.

Inositol and 5-HTP can be used to support inhibitory pathways in either pediatric or adult populations. Inositol is added to the formula to resensitize receptor sites. Suntheanine in the formula has earned FDA structure/function claims for promoting relaxation, reducing stress and nervous tension, for relief of occasional insomnia and poor sleep as well as decreasing symptoms of PMS.

The low doses of 5-HTP and Suntheanine in this chewable tablet are absorbed quickly when symptoms of anxiety or OCD require immediate relief. May be suggested for adults when serotonin levels are elevated due to medications or receptor insensitivity but symptoms of inhibitory insufficiency are present.

Tranquilent can be used for more rapid relief when anxiety support is needed. For sleep support it can be chewed or used sublingually to promote more rapid calming as well. It may be combined with SomniTR or Lentra when patients indicate problems with insomnia.

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