Total Care Women's UT Probiotic

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Capsules 30

Prebiotic and Postbiotic with Broad-Spectrum Digestive Support

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Brand: Probulin

Product Code: total-care-womens-ut-probiotic-PBLN

Servings per Container: 30

Quantity per Container: 30 Capsules

Probulin Total Care Women's UT Probiotic is ideal for women looking to support healthy digestive flora, healthy vaginal flora and urinary tract. The vagina has its own microbiome, just like the gut. The Total Care Women's UT Probiotic may help support a healthy body while also supporting a healthy digestive and vaginal flora.

  • 12-Strain, 20 Billion CFU, optimal probiotic blend for optimal potency
  • 4 unique probiotic strains support the female urinary tract
  • Helps maintain healthy, balanced vaginal flora
  • Supports digestive health
  • May alleviate occasional gas and bloating
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut barrier
  • Supports healthy gut immune function
  • Supports healthy immunological response in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Probiotics strains derived in part from fermented fruits and vegetables
  • With prebiotic Inulin - food for the probiotic's survival
  • With unique postbiotics for additional digestive system support
  • Third-Party Lab tested
  • Formulated by a board-certified doctor with over 20+ years of experience
  • Shelf Stable, no refrigeration required
  • NO dairy, gluten, soy, or GMOs

Vaginal and urinary tract health is an important consideration for women when it comes to these delicate microbiomes in the body. Just as our gut has a microbiome, so does the vagina. The bacteria found in the vaginal flora will vary from person to person, but certain strains are almost always present. Just like the gut, a person's vaginal microbiome is home to billions of bacteria. It's always a good idea to consult with a health care provider if there are any concerns about vaginal health. If you're looking to support a healthy female urinary tract and a balanced vaginal microbiome, Total Care Women's UT Probiotic is designed to target your specific needs of good bacteria where it belongs.

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