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Stem XCell represents a synergistic blend of active botanicals, antioxidants, and enzyme catalysts in one of the most exciting new formulas aimed at adult stem cell renewal.

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Product Code: stem-xcell-ENZ-60-cpsls

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Stem Cells are often referred to as “master” cells. The primary role of adult stem cells is to maintain and repair tissue. As we age, our adult stem cells decrease in number. Due to the degradation of our adult stem cells over a lifetime, we become more open to degenerative disorders and injury, and experience decreased recovery from all health-related issues. Adult stem cells have the potential to develop into most tissues in the body and have the capacity to migrate toward problem or damaged areas.

Stem XCell™ contains a studied and proven blend, NT020, shown to support the normal growth and function of the body’s own stem cells. Research demonstrates that the unique combination of ingredients found in NT020 helps to promote stem cell nutrition and renewal by means of interaction with adult stem cell populations. Stem XCellTM contains the patented NT020 blend of wild blueberry extract, vitamin D3, green tea extract, and carnosine. Enzymedica has added glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, SOD, and six additional enzymes to enhance the potency and efficacy of the Stem XCellTM formula. All of these ingredients are beneficial in their own right however, it is this specific combination that makes Stem XCellTM unique and effective in supporting the body’s cellular health.

The enzyme blends in Stem XCellTM are aimed at supporting the immune system and optimizing antioxidant delivery and absorption. Protease and antioxidant enzymes, such as SOD and catalase, are the very enzymes our bodies manufacture to maintain the immune system and scavenge free radicals. This in turn supports stem cell growth and function. The Botanical Enhance Enzymes in Stem XCell™ are comprised of carbohydrase enzymes formulated to assist with the delivery of important botanical source antioxidants found in this unique formula.

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