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Sinus-Tone is a homeopathic drainage blend designed to assist with breaking up sinus congestion, supporting the mucous lining of the body, and may be used to provide relief while simultaneously addressing causal factors.

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Brand: Energetix

Product Code: sinus-tone-EGX

Quantity per Container: 2 Oz

A vital part of the human body is the mucous membrane, which is like the “skin” of our insides. It is the barrier inside the body which protects us from invasion by bacteria, viruses and foreign matter. The nasal passages are protected by this membrane and are on the frontline every day helping to keep us safe from potentially harmful particles in the air we breathe.

When we are healthy, breathing is easy and we forget about the brilliant design keeping us that way. But, when it is allergy or cold and flu season, we can be quickly reminded! It is during these times, when the air can be filled with bacteria, viruses, pollens and dusts, that our mucous membrane may go into high alert and “capture” the invaders so they can be removed through sneezing and nasal discharge. When this happens, the mucous membrane can become inflamed and irritated, causing discomfort as well has creating nasal discharge.

Sinus-Tone is designed to assist the body to move the toxins out through our drainage systems, help loosen congestion, and heal and soothe the mucous membrane of the nasal passages.

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