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Sleep and Recovery

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Brand: Thorne Research

Product Code: recoverypro-chocolate-THR

Servings per Container: 12

Quantity per Container: 17.7 Oz

RecoveryPro™ is a blend of alpha-lactalbumin, natural-source GABA (PharmaGABA), and magnesium bisglycinate - in a chocolate-flavored powder that mixes easily in water and tastes great hot or cold.

  • When taken before bedtime, RecoveryPro™:
  • -Supports restful sleep
  • -Optimizes nighttime muscle recovery
  • -Enhances lean muscle mass while you sleep
  • -Lowers cortisol to modulate stress
  • Who can benefit from RecoveryPro™?
  • -Athletes - from elite athletes to high school athletes to weekend warriors
  • -Someone who has trouble sleeping
  • -An individual who needs help coping with stress
  • -The elderly or someone who needs muscle strengthening support
  • What do the ingredients do?
  • -Whey protein - 90% alpha-lactalbumin
  • -More than twice the amount of tryptophan (an amino acid that supports restful sleep) than whey protein isolate, plus the alpha-lactalbumin will increase serum tryptophan levels
  • -High in cysteine, an amino acid that enhances glutathione levels and has been linked to athletic performance improvements
  • -Great source of branched-chain amino acids for promoting muscle repair
  • -Nighttime consumption has been clinically studied to help modulate stress, improve morning alertness, and support memory
  • PharmaGABA - natural source GABA
  • -A calming brain neurotransmitter that acts like a brake during times of runaway stress
  • -Supports restful sleep
  • -Induces a relaxed but focused state of mind
  • -When combined with whey protein before bed, it promotes lean muscle mass
  • Magnesium Bisglycinate - an optimally absorbed form of magnesium
  • -Crucial cofactor in the production of ATP, which provides energy for muscles
  • -Promotes restful sleep
  • -Relaxes both smooth and skeletal muscle

This product is NSF Certified for Sport®. Products marked with NSF logo are Certified for Sport by NSF International, which ensures that the products have been independently tested and verified to be free of more than 200 substances that are banned in athletic competition. The NSF Certified for Sport® program is recognized by the USOC, the NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

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