Peak Omega-3 Liquid

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Oz 8.45

4,500 mg Conentrated Fish Oil including 2,150mg of Combined EPA and DHA per serving

SKU: peak-omega-3-liquid-WLF-8_45-oz

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Product Code: peak-omega-3-liquid-WLF-8_45-oz

Quantity per Container: 8.45 Oz

This fish oil in produced in Alaska from wild Pollock caught in US waters. Then, they purify and concentrate the oil up to 60% Omega-3 to provide a peak dose of EPA and DHA Omega-3 triglycerides in every great tasting spoonful.

Guaranteed analysis: 90% of all the fatty acids in this product are in the triglyceride form.

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10/4/2020 0:00:00

Love this product

by Jane Doe

I Love this product! Could you please list the EPA mgs & the DHA mgs separately? Thank you for the consideration.

3/15/2018 0:00:00

Excellent Quality

by Amanda

I never really did supplements, but after talking with a medical professional and having these recommended, I gave them a try. This is a quality supplement! As a wife and mother, I highly recommend for adults and children to help keep healthy fats in your brain that you don't get on a daily basis. Our brains are 60% fat and need to have those in our diet daily. Do your research!!

2/16/2015 23:00:00

Amazing dose & Amazing taste

by Healer

It's great to get such a potent dose in only one teaspoon, and it tastes good too!