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Capsules 60

For the support of Physiological stress.

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Quantity per Container: 60 Capsules

In optimal health, the body's natural production of PEA is in homeostasis. This balance can sometimes be compromised due to negative stimuli. As a result, the response to this threat of imbalance may cause a deficiency in PEA production. Supplementation of PEA works with the body to support this delicate balance, calm discomfort, and may promote levels for wellbeing.

There are two sources of PEA commercially available. Synthetic forms require the use of powerful synthetic solvents such as toluene. On the other hand, PEA can be naturally derived from safflower lecithin. (PEA)+ only utilizes naturally derived palmitoyletha­nolamide from safflower seed.

(PEA)+ is formulated to help relieve physiological stress and soreness or discomfort associated with occasional pain, stiffness, and compromised tissue function as a result of overexertion and everyday stress. PEA works to calm excited nerves to naturally encourage alleviation, which promotes wellbeing.

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