NAC 600 Mg

by Pure Encapsulations
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Supports respiratory function, glutathione production and detoxification

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Quantity per Container: 360 Capsules

  • Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization
  • Supports cellular antioxidant defense system
  • Promotes healthy lung tissue
  • Made with hypoallergenic ingredients

N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine (NAC) is a cellular antioxidant support that specifically promotes healthy lung tissue. N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine (NAC) is a free radical scavenger that supports glutathione levels in tissues.

N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine (NAC) is a derivative of the dietary amino acid l-cysteine. NAC has a high affinity for lung tissue, which it supports through mucolytic and antioxidant action. NAC supports tissue levels of glutathione, a key component of the antioxidant defense system.

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7 reviews

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12/27/2020 11:00:00 pm


by Michelle -

Good product

12/15/2020 11:00:00 pm

Not Recommend

by Roger -

Experienced side effects

12/15/2020 11:00:00 pm

I would purchase again

by Debbie -

Great product and great brand!

7/19/2020 12:00:00 am


by Jennifer -

I have allergic asthma, and sometimes I get mucus if there are pollen allergens in the air. NAC keeps my lungs clean and helps me expectorate the mucus easily. I no longer use an inhaler (which, after 30+ years of using these, they gave me osteoporosis at 56!). Super grateful to be OFF those cursed steroid inhaler sprays and nasal sprays!

1/4/2020 11:00:00 pm

Used this product for many years.

by Dianna -

I use this product to keep my glutathione levels up. It is my understanding it is great for lung health.

11/15/2013 11:00:00 pm

Pure consistently great - NAC amazing!

by Sway63 -

NAC is amazing for keeping the goup in your head moving. I always trust Pure.

12/14/2012 11:00:00 pm

I would continue to buy this product

by n/a -

I use this product every day. My Nature path doctor recommend to promote good health