Molybdenum Liquid Concentrate

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Molybdenum is required to break down acetaldehyde, a candida fungus waste product.

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Brand: Eidon Ionic Minerals

Product Code: molybdenum-liquid-concentrate-EIM

Servings per Container: 30

Quantity per Container: 2 Oz

Molybdenum is an important mineral element now recognized as an essential catalyst for 3 cellular enzymes needed for the breakdown of potentially harmful compounds, normally produced in the body or introduced into the body via food and water. These enzymes are:

Aldehyde oxidase: This enzyme plays an essential role in converting acetaldehyde (a waste product of Candida albicans fungus) into acetic acid for disposal, or into acetyl coenzyme A, a compound we use for energy production. Acetaldehyde can be produced from threonine, ethanol (from alcohol), or from the metabolism of carbohydrate in yeast (eg. Candida). Excessive levels of Candida in the body (as a result of the consumption of refined sugar and antibiotics) will create excessive levels of acetaldehyde. Without adequate levels of Molybdenum, Iron, and Vitamin B2, our breakdown system is unable to do its job. When this occurs, one may begin to feel its effects such as fragrance sensitivities, brain fog and occasional fatigue.

Xanthine oxidase: An enzyme that is created by the body to eliminate purines. The purine category includes compounds such as DNA and RNA nucleic acids adenine and guanine, hypoxanthine, xanthine, theobromine, caffeine, and uric acid. It is essential that these compounds be dismantled and excreted upon reaching the end of their useful life. Molybdenum helps to accomplish this process.

Sulfite oxidase: This enzyme converts disruptive sulfites to useful sulfates. This includes internally generated sulfites created in the breakdown of sulfur containing amino acids, as well as sulfites we may be exposed to via our environment or foods consumed that have been preserved with sulfites.

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