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Contains an exclusive blend of plant sterols and sterolins that help promote a balanced immune system in cats, dogs and horses.

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Brand: Thorne Vet

Product Code: moducarevet-animal-health-THVT

Servings per Container: 90

Quantity per Container: 90 Soft Chews

  • Supports healthy immune function
  • For use in cats, dogs, and horses
  • Plant sterols and sterolins - important advancements in naturally balancing the immune system
  • Found naturally in all fruits and vegetables
  • Provides an optimal sterol:sterolin ratio based on numerous clinical studies
  • Helps maintain a healthy balance of t-helper 1/t-helper 2 white blood cells
  • Modulates stress response by supporting optimal DHEA:cortisol ratios

Plant sterols - phytosterols and their glycosides (also known as phytosterolins) GÇô are fats that are present in fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Beta-sitosterol (BSS) and its glycoside (BSSG) are the most abundant of these plant sterols. BSS and BSSG, even at very low levels, have been shown to enhance the activity of various cells in the body recognized as having positive immune system activity. ModucareVET improves the balance of T-helper 1 to T-helper 2 cells, and, as a result, enhances cellular immunity and down-regulates overactive immune responses.

ModucareVET supplementation also helps maintain a normal ratio of the adrenal hormones cortisol and DHEA, subsequently buffering negative stress responses. The potential of Moducare to support immune health in a group of volunteers participating in an ultra-marathon was investigated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Subjects in the Moducare group maintained a healthier immune response compared to individuals taking the placebo, as indicated by cortisol levels that did not increase in response to the exercise stress in those taking Moducare.

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5/9/2014 12:00:00 am

Great Alternative to Steroids

by Cindy

My maltese developed autoimmune problems after her rabies booster. One of the things she developed were allergies that caused hair loss and hot spots on her face. Her only relief were steroid treatments. I know how dangerous they are and had to find an alternative. After much research I found many holistic vets recommending this product. It really works! She still gets some flare ups on her eyelids but NO ITCHING! I was amazed when her eye swelled up that it didn't bother her. No scratching eliminates the need for steroids. I don't know if it's just a coincidence but her dry eye has even improved and the eye doctor cut her ointment to once a day. All I can say is if it keeps her off steroids, I am happy!

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