Magnesium Citrate Pure Powder

by NOW Foods
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Oz 8

Nervous System Support

SKU: magnesium-citrate-pure-powder-NOW

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Brand: NOW Foods

Product Code: magnesium-citrate-pure-powder-NOW

Servings per Container: 76

Quantity per Container: 8 Oz

Magnesium is a mineral that is critical for energy production and metabolism, muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and bone mineralization.

It is a required cofactor for an estimated 300 enzymes.  Among the reactions catalyzed by these enzymes are fatty acid synthesis, protein synthesis, and glucose metabolism.

Magnesium status is also important for regulation of calcium balance through its effects on the parathyroid gland.

  • Supports Energy Production
  • Critical for Enzyme Function

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10/12/2018 12:00:00 am


by Effie

I've been using this product for years...its WAS great. Easy to take, no taste except a bit sour at the end, but I like sour, so it didn't bother me. Then for no reason, and with no notice either the company changed the formula, and OMG....I gaged. I thou

10/28/2015 12:00:00 am

Excellent Product

by True Health -

Best to take minerals in powdered form. This one dissolves well, has a lemony, sour flavor which disappears with time. Very preferable to capsules with all sorts of fillers.