Lymph-Tone I

by Energetix
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Oz 2

Lymph-Tone I is designed to assist in the beginning stages of blockages where the body can begin to react due to insufficient resources to successfully excrete toxins.

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Brand: Energetix

Product Code: lymph-tone-i-EGX

Servings per Container: 2 Oz

Lymph-Tone I is a homeopathic drainage remedy designed to elicit or “jump start” the body’s natural lymphatic action so that “acute” toxins can be excreted. Acute toxins are simply toxins that have only been lodged in the cells for a brief period of time. For long-term or more “stubborn” toxins, Lymph-Tone II or Lymph-Tone III may be recommended.

Lymph-Tone I is a homeopathic combination formula for acute symptoms such as mucous discharge; irritated, watery eyes; sore throat; cough; high-grade fever; excessive perspiration; skin eruptions; redness and swelling; sleeplessness; frequent urination; nausea; and diarrhea.

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