Lung Bronchial Tonic

by Natura Health Products
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Oz 4

Soothes and Tonifies the Respiratory System

SKU: lung-bronchial-tonic-NHP

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Brand: Natura Health Products

Product Code: lung-bronchial-tonic-NHP

Servings per Container: 24

Quantity per Container: 4 Oz

Lung & Bronchial Tonic™ from Natura Health Products is a liquid extract that seeks to support respiratory system health.

It offers a blend of botanical extracts that seeks to support a healthy respiratory system. It includes ingredients like elecampane root, which is plant in the sunflower family that works to soothe the lungs and bronchial system, and extract from the malabar nut tree, which supports respiratory health.

Additionally, this blend includes sundew and lobelia, plantain, mullein and horehound, and fenugreek and thyme, which offer support for seasonal health challenges and promote healthy immune system function.

  • Seeks to support healthy lung and bronchial function
  • Contains a soothing blend of botanical extracts
  • Promotes healthy immune system function
  • May offer support for seasonal health challenges
  • Available in a convenient, 4 fluid oz. bottle

If you're looking for soothing respiratory system support for seasonal health challenges or other mild symptoms associated with respiratory system discomfort, consider Lung & Bronchial Tonic from Natura Health Products.

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5/6/2020 12:00:00 am

I would be this product again - it is very hard to get

by Karen -

had a bit first thing in the morning - very intense - seems to make airways happy!

5/4/2020 12:00:00 am

I will buy this product on a regular basis

by marie -

I have lung issues, allergies and COPD. After using this product I feel I am breathing deeper than I have in years. Helps with congestion better than Mucinex.