Longevity Elite

by Quicksilver Scientific
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Adaptogen Hormone Tonic with Immediate Effect and Superior Delivery

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Product Code: longevity-elite-QSS-3_38-oz

Quantity per Container: 3.38 Oz

Quicksilver Scientific Longevity Elite is a master adaptogen and hormone tonic designed to provide ongoing age optimization support targeting sex and stress hormone balance while targeting AMPK, sirtuins, and telomeres - our foundational longevity mechanisms in the body. Longevity Elite's advanced nanoemulsion formula blends premium sourced adaptogenic herb extracts and isolates and the key hormone precursor pregnenolone.

  • Powers Longevity & Healthspan - Time-honored herbs work elegantly to support your influential HPA axis, a network of endocrine glands, hormones, and neurons that regulate determining factors for healthspan.
  • Supports Hormonal Balance - Hormone imbalance is a primary driver of aging. This formula includes the "mother hormone" pregnenolone - a powerful precursor in the creation of all human sex and stress hormones - and the support you need for aging well.
  • Enhances Stress Resilience - The adaptogen blend in Longevity Elite is designed to support the adaptive stress response, giving your body more resilience in the face of occasional life stressors and the agility to return seamlessly to a "rest and digest" state.
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