Lithium (orotate) 5 Mg

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Supports Mental and Behavioral Health

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Brand: Vital Nutrients

Product Code: lithium-orotate-5-mg-VTN

Servings per Container: 45

Quantity per Container: 90 Veg Capsules

LITHIUM has been shown to enhance folate and B12 transport into L1210 brain cells. Since Vitamin B12 and folate support mood associated parameters, the stimulation of the transport of these vitamins into brain cells by Lithium may be cited as yet another mechanism for supporting mental and behavioral health using low nutritional dosage levels of Lithium.

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11/13/2013 11:00:00 pm

LOVE Lithium orotate!

by Liz -

Bought it to help w/ mood, but in a few days it resolved my all over muscle pain (24/7) that I had had for a whole my muscles still hurt when I do small things so i'm going to doctors to try to figure out why, but the pain they had just all the time is gone (they even used to hurt at night, arms and legs). I'm so happy with lithium orotate! Recommend for people w/ Fibromyalgia.

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10/9/2023 1:08 am

Lithium works great!

by Charrie

I was so glad to have found Lithium as it helps keep my mood even. Before, I was anxious and irritable over the smallest things. I’m not saying that my mood is perfect every day, but generally speaking, even on not so good days, it’s way better than it was before. I would never go without taking lithium every day.

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