Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Food-Grade

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Oz 8

The Cleanest Way to Clean Everything
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Product Code: hydrogen-peroxide-solution-food-grade-ESO-8-oz

Quantity per Container: 8 Oz

Hydrogen peroxide is a solution that has been use in households for quite a few years. It is thought to provide numerous health benefits, in addition to acting as a household cleaning solution, and has a number of other uses for your home as well.
  • First aid: Throat, mouth, ears, diffusers and humidifiers
  • Cleaning: countertops, microwaves, high touch surfaces like door knobs, faucets, cell phones and steering wheels
  • Food wash: Fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds and grains
  • Stain removal and laundry: Instantly gets rid of red wine stains and makes whites whiter
Non-Toxic! With none of the toxic stabilizers found in brown bottle varieties, food grade hydrogen peroxide is the cleanest way to clean...leaves no residue and does not burn like 35%.


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