GSC Glandular Stress Complex

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Glandular Stress Complex

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Brand: Progressive Labs

Product Code: gsc-glandular-stress-complex-PGL

Servings per Container: 90

Quantity per Container: 90 Capsules

"GSC" contains all the glandular components needed to support the body during times of high mental and physical activity. Raw stomach concentrate is added to enhance nutrient absorption along with vitamin B-12 to support energy, red blood cells and RNA/DNA synthesis.

  • Contains five glandular ingredients from porcine and bovine, along with vitamin B12
  • Helps support your body during periods of high physical and mental activity
  • Added raw stomach concentrate and vitamin B12 promote nutrient absorption, as well as support energy, healthy red blood cells, and the synthesis of RNA and DNA
  • Made in the USA and GMP quality assured

Every batch of GSC - Glandular Stress Complex from Progressive Laboratories comes in a capsule form that is easy for adults of all ages to swallow, and is guaranteed to be free of synthetic hormones, chemical pesticides, sugar, wheat, soy, corn, yeast, preservatives and artificial colors.

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5/13/2015 12:00:00 am

Very Pleased!

by Jules -

I have used this product during different seasons of my life (i.e. when my stress is high and my reserves are tapped out). Initially, this was recommended to me by a healer friend of mine. My energy was at such a low level I felt barely able to make it through each day in my very physical work (Massage therapist). Each time I begin taking this supplement I start to feel a difference in my overall strength and well being the first day - the fatigue disappears. This has not been true of other products of this type I have tried that are equal in health objective. The only con I can mention, and I'm not even sure it's a valid con so much as a notable point; according to the bottle, the dosage would be one capsule daily. This would probably be perfect for those who merely wish to add a light supplement to their diet. However, if one is in an acute state of health crisis such as I was (I was anemic as well, my reserves needed to be restored dramatically) then based upon your personal needs and paying attention to your bodily cues one may need to increase the dosage for a short period of time until homoeostasis is in balance. (Example: I take 2 caps twice a day on an empty stomach for optimal absorption. I tried a 3 times a day dosage and that was too much - I couldn't sleep!). I will continue this dosage until my body 'feels' like it has reached a place of greater balance. I will continue to purchase this product whenever needed and the price is very reasonable for the value received. I would (and have) recommended this to a friend/client.

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8/10/2016 12:00:00 am

I will use this supplement forever!

by ChrisCoe -

This product has significantly reduced my overwhelming fatigue!

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3/31/2019 12:00:00 am

Best adrenal product ever

by Oldie but Golden -

This is the only product I've discovered that truly ""feeds"" my adrenals. There's no excessive high, or let-down that leaves me feeling shaky. I feel like I am truly nourishing my adrenals.

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