Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol

by Natures Way
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Veg Capsules 120

Supports Natural Killer-Cell Activity

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Quantity per Container: 120 Veg Capsules

It's time to take action toward supporting your immune health with the powerful protection of Cell Fortè IP-6 Inositol. IP-6 (found in the rice bran of brown rice and other foods) and inositol (part of the vitamin B (family) are featured together in a unique ratio found only in Cell Fortè IP-6 and Inositol. Cell Fortè™ IP-6 and Inositol supports natural killer-cell activity and the immune system.

IP-6 and Inositol supports your immune system. While IP-6 is found in rice bran and other foods, there are good reasons to take and IP-6 and Inositol supplement. IP-6 is often lacking in foods that have bene processed since IP-6 is usually found in the bran or hull, which if often milled away.

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4/21/2020 12:00:00 am

IP-6 for health

by Julie -

Believe it. This product will support the immune system. Research it and you will see how important it is for us.