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Three powerful brain health supplements in a simple packet to support healthy memory, cognition and focus

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Brand: BrainMD

Product Code: brain-body-power-BMD

Servings per Container: 30

Quantity per Container: 60 Packets

No guesswork, no medicine cabinet full of bottles, no research required - this is the all-in-one system. BrainMD knows how confusing it can be out there, in the supplement aisle or shopping online. “What should I be taking and how much of it should I take?” BrainMD decided to answer those common questions with a convenient, cost-saving solution.

Brain & Body Power combines BrainMD's daily multi-vitamin-mineral - NeuroVite Plus, with their brain-boosting supplement - Brain & Memory Power Boost, and is completed by their ultra-pure, highly concentrated Omega-3 Power. To make it even easier, they combined each recommended dose into a convenient packet that can be kept in your desk, your purse, or easily packed in your travel bag.

Each packet contains:

  • 2-NeuroVite Plus
  • This powerful combination of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts (all in their most active forms for optimal bioavailability) provides the foundation of your supplement regimen. NeuroVite Plus is also the only source of Dr. Daniel Amen’s proprietary Brain Boosting Blend of brain-supporting nutrients.
  • 1-Omega-3 Power
  • Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are essential to an every daily supplement regimen. You must consume the EPA and DHA your body needs. EPA and DHA promote healthy cognition, including recall and retention, focus and concentration, mood and behavior, as well as many other systems in your body, such as the heart and circulation. Omega-3 Power provides a high-dose of omeg-3 fatty acids, and is unique in that it is screened for over 250 potential contaminants to ensure maximum purity.
  • 2-Brain and Memory Power Boost
  • This is BrainMD's brain-boosting formula that provides potent ingredients to support the brain’s energy, connectivity, and overall performance. This product is specialized, brain-directed nutrition - grounded in science, to support healthy brain and memory performance.

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