Betaine HCl Pepsin Gentian Root Extract

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Promotes Healthy Digestion

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Brand: Vital Nutrients

Product Code: betaine-hcl-pepsin-gentian-root-extract-VTN

Servings per Container: 113

Quantity per Container: 225 Capsules

Vital Nutrients fomulation is a combination of nutrients that are beneficial for promoting healthy digestion. Gentian, a wonderful bitter herbal, combined with Betaine HCl maintains a healthy pH in the stomach, supporting protein digestion, mineral absorption, small intestine pH, and B12 absorption.

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6/1/2011 12:00:00 am

Betaine HCl

by Eric's Mom -

My son is the one who uses the product. He has been taking these for years now. As with any capsules there are always a few in the bottle that are empty or are less than full.

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3/31/2012 12:00:00 am

This stuff works!

by nanna Lauri -

I've used plant-based emzymes for years, but decided to give this HCL a try. I can say that my 'gas' problem has completely been eliminated, wish I'd tried this years ago! I usually take 2 before each meal, or 1 before a snack.

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5/1/2014 12:00:00 am

Helps me absorb nutrients

by Happy Healing -

I was directed by my Doctor to take this product before each meal because my test results showed that I was not absorbing any nutrients including protein. It is amazing, the positive results that I have experienced since taking this product. I won't be tested again for a few more months, but my energy level has increased and I feel so much better after six weeks of using this product along with the rest of my Drs. recommended protocol. If I don't eat after taking it, though, I do get an upset tummy. So make sure that if you do take this, you eat something soon after.

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8/13/2015 12:00:00 am

Betaine HCL Pepsin Gentian Root

by Mar A.

We take 2 capsules quite at the end of meals and it does the trick.

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10/5/2015 12:00:00 am

Best by far

by Ruth G.

This product is the best by far. I am grateful for this product.

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1/27/2018 11:00:00 pm

I have bought this product many times

by Salt Lake Shopper -

This is stomach acid in a pill, so it helps digest my food. I take this with almost every meal and it also works faster than rolaids for heartburn and indigestion. If your food is sloshing around and not digesting, you have not enough stomach acid to digest your food. Really. I have never had a problem with too much stomach acid.

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10/5/2022 5:45 pm

Surprisingly positive results aiding digestion and reducing Acid Reflux.

by Alayna

This was recommended to me by my Doctor. I was experiencing Acid Reflux regularly because I wasn't digesting my food. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but after taking this as directed, my Acid reflux diminished considerably. Now, I don't have to take it for every meal because my body is starting to produce its own HCl.
Warning!: These are large capsules and they do not feel good if they break before entering your stomach! Your Doctor may have some suggestions as to how you can navigate around the large capsule.
TIP: These are large capsules, so if you have trouble swallowing down large capsules, you may want to empty a capsule and mix thoroughly into a tiny dollop of food like Almond Butter before quickly swallowing it down with water. Make sure to drink 8 - 16 oz of water (more if needed) after swallowing the capsule or capsule contents. Of course, ask your doctor what is best for you.

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10/4/2023 9:53 pm

Won't eat without it!

by Rachel -

This product helps so much when you have low stomach acid like me. It's a great price for a quality product.

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1/19/2024 9:29 am

Works great for me as a meal time aide

by Zachary -

This Betaine HCL works the best for me. Would highly recommend trying this brand out.

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