Antioxidant Formula

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Broad-spectrum antioxidant support

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Brand: Pure Encapsulations

Product Code: antioxidant-formula-PEC

Servings per Container: 120

Quantity per Container: 120 Capsules

AntiOxidant Formula offers a broad spectrum of antioxidants designed to help protect against free radical damage throughout the body.

  • Made with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, E, and B complex vitamins
  • Made with hypoallergenic ingredients

Supplementation with antioxidants such as vitamins C and E has been growing rapidly in the past few years as research on harmful free radicals intensifies. Free radicals are atoms, ions, or molecules with one or more unpaired electrons that bind to and destroy cellular compounds. Dietary antioxidants disarm free radicals through a number of different mechanisms. Foremost, they bind to the free electrons, ‘pairing up’ with them, creating an innocuous cellular compound that the body can eliminate as waste. The antioxidants in this formula also support the body’s natural defense mechanisms against free radicals: the enzymes superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase.

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12/14/2015 11:00:00 pm

Great Product

by carol0829

I started taking this because my fingernails were pealing. It also helps my hair to not fall out. The antioxident is a huge bonus as well.

6/16/2012 12:00:00 am

Great Product

by Al -

I take this product once a day It is supplying a good amount of Selenium

8/13/2011 12:00:00 am

AntiOxidant Formula by Pure Encapsulatio

by Al -

One capsule twice a day. It is easy to swallow. It has no taste.