Canine Geriatric Basics

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Promotes a Good Quality of Life in Older Dogs

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Brand: Thorne Vet

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Servings per Container: 90

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Canine Geriatric Basics is a multi-nutrient and botanical formula to address the needs of the aging dog. It provides significant antioxidant, cardiovascular, GI, cognitive, vision, and joint support.

An older dog has increased requirements for specific nutrients that usually can't be provided even by a balanced diet. Canine Geriatric Basics is fortified with several amino acids that support the health of an older dog. This ThorneVET formula also contains flavonoids, CoQ10, and other potent antioxidants to slow oxidative damage in the aging canine body.

The canine aging process can also adversely affect the dog's brain, resulting in decreased production of neurotransmitters, decreased synaptic density, and degeneration of neuronal membrane integrity. To support brain health, Canine Geriatric Basics enhances neurotransmitter production and positively affects neuronal membranes.

A botanical ingredient, bilberry, has been added for its beneficial effects on canine vision. And the two adrenal adaptogenic botanicals, Eleutherococcus and ashwagandha, have been added to help modulate the detrimental physical and mental effects of stress. An aging dog can have a variety of health problems specific to the individual dog, for which such ThorneVET products as Hepagen, Arthroplex, Gastriplex, and Bio-Cardio may be indicated. In most cases, Canine Geriatric Basics can be combined with these products for maximum beneficial effect.

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9/8/2014 12:00:00 am

Great formula

by ASalud

This combo of nutrients is impressive. I've been using Thorne products for some years, so I had no hesitation trying Canine Geriatric Basics on my beloved terrier (17 years old this fall). What I have noticed is an increased interest in life, up and about more instead of so much napping, interested in going for walks; overall more energy, although sleeps like a log at night. Plus she likes it in her food. Thorne rocks!

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