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Brand: Microbiome Labs

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Microbiome Labs ZenBiome Cope is a psychobotic powered by the 1714 strain, a unique strain of Bifidobacterium longum with an exopolysaccharide clinically shown to support a balanced mood, maintain optimal vitality and help with occasional stress. Zenbiome Cope is further enhanced with B vitamins and Spanish saffron to further support the gut-brain axis.

Supports healthy mood Promotes better occasional stress coping Supports brain function Enhances vitality

The Gut-Brain Axis and the Psychobiome - The gut-brain axis, a bidirectional communication between gut microbiota and the central nervous system (CNS), may play a role in cognitive function, digestion, and mood. Studies show that 80-90% of the fibers in the vagus nerve are linked to the gut, providing a physical link through which the gut microbiota communicate with the brain. Relatedly, the term psychobiome is used to describe the interaction between a person's collective microbiome and his mental state. A diverse and balanced microbiome can help maintain the gut-brain axis. A psychobiotic is used to describe the commensal bacteria that play a role in the gut-brain axis and support brain health.

1714: A Trail-blazing Psychobiotic - Microbiome Labs solution to supporting the psychobiome uses cutting-edge probiotic technology. 1714, a unique strain of Bifidobacterium longum, is an up-and-coming psychobiotic that can help support the management of occasional stress and its biochemical expression within the human body. This psychobiotic exerts its effect by targeting the HPA axis to support healthy cortisol levels. 1714 may support mental health, cognitive process, neurotransmitters, and overall feeling of well-being. In a 4-week human trial, 1714 reduced perceived stress, improved memory performance, reduced mental fatigue, positively supported brainwave activity, and improved ability to handle occasional stress.

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6/29/2023 12:51:00 am

Good for mood

by z -

I do realized a stabilization of mood, but however i recommend you need to take it long term to reap more benefits.

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