Yarrow Flowers Extract Alcohol-Free

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Achillea millefolium

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The genus name, Achillea is said to originate from a Legend that the plant was named after the Greek god, Achilles. He was the Trojan War Hero reported to be highly trained in the healing arts by the Centaur Chiron, to help his fellow soldiers on the battlefield. The species name, Millefolium, may also originate from the Greek “myriophyllon”, which means “countless leaves”.

The plant is native to temperate regions in North America, Europe and Asia, and can be found growing in the wild as well as being used as a decorative garden perennial. The flowers vary in color from white, yellow, red and pink, although wild Yarrow is most often yellow or white. The leaves are fern-like and have a distinctive ‘medicinal’ aroma. The plants usual grow to be 2 to 4 feet tall.

Yarrow has many uses besides for supporting wellness and providing food. For example, it is beneficial to gardeners, since the strong herbal aroma repels some insects and improves soil quality. It is considered a Luck Herb in the Chinese Culture. Some birds, such as starlings use Yarrow as a favorite nesting material, and a British Folklore custom suggests holding the plant on the outside of the eyelid to improve ‘inner vision’ and clairvoyance.

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