XXtra Clean Herbal Cleanse

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Oz 20

Detoxify Xxtra Clean is the cleansing herbal detox drink with Ginseng Extract formulated for people with higher toxin levels.

SKU: xxtra-clean-herbal-cleanse-DTX-20-oz

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Product Code: xxtra-clean-herbal-cleanse-DTX-20-oz

Quantity per Container: 20 Oz

The 20oz ready-to-drink formula is packed with vitamins, minerals, and Detoxify’s proprietary blend of cleansing herbs. Xxtra Clean is easy to use, in Tropical Fruit Flavor.

Detoxify Xxtra Clean is the way to help lower the impurities your body absorbs every day.

With its powerful ingredients, Detoxify Xxtra Clean is the detox drink that has been effective for millions of people who are committed to cleansing. Simply follow Xxtra Clean’s guidelines for intensive cleansing and the Xxtra Clean directions, and you will experience optimal cleansing.

To further enhance Xxtra Clean’s effectiveness:

  • Extend your intensive cleansing program with Xxtra Clean by taking PreCleanse Herbal capsules for the 2 days prior to using Xxtra Clean.
  • Take Detoxify Constant Cleanse herbal capsules every day throughout the year. Periodic intensive cleansing is most effective when coupled with an ongoing detoxification routine.
  • Eat light meals including fruits, vegetables, and fiber during your cleansing program with Xxtra Clean.
  • Exercise regularly, and drink at least 12 8oz glasses of water in the days prior to using Xxtra Clean.

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