Women's Symmetry Multivitamin

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Veg Capsules 180

Multivitamin / Mineral Support for Women 20-30 Years of Age
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$24.29 to $42.30
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Quantity per Container: 180 Veg Capsules

Women's Symmetry from Vitanic is the ideal, high-quality multivitamin meant for women and girls over the age of twelve. It's iron-free and includes a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that delivers proper nutrition to the grown and still growing body, including connective tissue support and uterine support.
  • Essential vitamins like vitamin A (including pro vitamin A), D2, E, and K, as well as a host of B vitamins
  • Essential minerals that play a part in bodily function--Iodine, magnesium, folate, and calcium, to name a few
  • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan

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6/26/2023 12:53:00 pm


by Lilee

I like this brand pretty well. The vitamins seemed good quality. Best of all they didn't make me sick to my stomach like so many multivitamins do! But I took off one star because of the quantity you have to take each dose. I changed to a different multi that I get it all in 1 capsule instead of 3.

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