Women's Multivitamin

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Brain. Heart. Immunity. Bones.
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Brand: iwi

Product Code: womens-multivitamin-IWI

Servings per Container: 30

Quantity per Container: 60 Softgels

Women's Complete Multivitamin + Omega-3 from iwi is thoughtfully formulated to support optimal women's health. It's rare to find a multivitamin that contains any omega-3, let alone the most bioavailable, effective, and sustainable source of omega-3! iwi's Women's Complete Multivitamin provides a portion of the omega-3 fat you need each day, along with carefully-chosen forms of the key vitamins and minerals your body requires, plus cranberry extract for urinary tract wellness.

  • Brain: Women's Multivitamin contains DHA Omega-3 to nourish your brain cells to help you stay clear-minded.
  • Heart Health: Protect what keeps you going: EPA is the Omega-3 fatty acid most associated with heart health. Nourish your heart with iwi and get more out of life.
  • Immunity: Strengthen the cells that fight to keep you healthy. Your body's natural defense system is stronger with EPA Omega-3
  • Bone and Joint Health: Strengthen your foundation by adding iwi algae Omega-3 to your routine. Omega-3s are needed for your bones to properly store calcium, and help to keep your joints lubricated and flexible.
  • Non-GMO Certified by NSF
  • Vegan and Gluten-free

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