Vitalzym Original Hybrid

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Vitalzym Original Hybrid by World Nutrition is a plant-based digestive supplement that may support overall health and wellness by providing potent systemic and digestive enzymes.

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Product Code: vitalzym-original-hybrid-WNT-450-vg-cpsls

Quantity per Container: 450 Veg Capsules

Vitalzy Overall Health Support

Vitalzym Original Hybrid by World Nutrition is a powerful systemic enzyme supplement that may help support healthy circulation and promote overall well-being. Made with a unique blend of proteolytic enzymes, antioxidants, and bioflavonoids, this supplement may help maintain healthy immune function, support normal inflammatory response, and promote healthy tissue repair. With its vegetarian formula and delayed-release technology, Vitalzym Original Hybrid is a convenient and effective way to support your body's natural healing processes.

Product Benefits:

  • Systemic Enzyme Blend - Supports overall immune system health and promotes healthy inflammation response.
  • Protease Blend - Helps break down proteins into smaller peptides, which may aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Bromelain - May promote a healthy inflammatory response and support healthy circulation.
  • Papain - May support healthy digestion and reduce inflammation.
  • Lipase Blend - Helps break down fats and oils, which may aid in digestion and support healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Amylase Blend - Helps break down carbohydrates into simple sugars, which may aid in digestion and support healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Rutin - Acts as an antioxidant and may support healthy blood vessel function.
  • Amla Extract - May support healthy immune system function and provide antioxidant support.

If you're looking for a natural way to support your overall health, Vitalzym Original Hybrid by World Nutrition may be just what you need. This powerful supplement is designed to support a healthy inflammatory response, which is crucial for maintaining optimal health. Without proper inflammation management, chronic inflammation can take hold in your body and contribute to a range of health issues over time. Vitalzym Original Hybrid can help keep your inflammation levels in check and support your overall wellbeing.

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10/3/2019 12:00:00 am

Great Supplement!!

by Re-energized

I started taking this supplement at recommendation of a friend after I suffered some health set backs that affected my immune and my energy level. I am thrilled to report that I have noticed an improvement in both areas when taking this on a daily basis. Since I seem to start fighting fatigue in the mid afternoon, I divide dosage and take 2 capsules in morning an hour before eating, and 1 capsule in the afternoon at least an hour after lunch. Great results! I highly recommend this product!

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