Vegan Ceramide Skin Support

by Deva Nutrition
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Tablets 60

Moisturizing skin from the inside out

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Brand: Deva Nutrition

Product Code: vegan-ceramide-skin-support-DN

Servings per Container: 60

Quantity per Container: 60 Tablets

Our skin consists of a few layers of tissue, one of which is called "stratum corneum". This is the layer of the skin where intercellular lipids are present and they play an important role in water retention, thus keeping our skin moist and hydrated. Ceramides are the main component of this intercellular lipid layer. With the help of the ceramides, our skin forms a barrier which protects it from exogeneous factors and thwarts water loss.

1 mg to 2 mg of ceramide supplementation per day may typically be enough to help encourage skin health and function especially in relation to retaining moisture. Deva Ceramide skin support contains 1 mg of ceramide from sweet potato powder per tablet.

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