Total Calcium

by Nutri-West
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Comprehensive Bone Support

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Brand: Nutri-West

Product Code: total-calcium-NWE

Servings per Container: 90

Quantity per Container: 90 Tablets

Total Calcium With Ipriflavone features comprehensive bone support which is supplied by nature in hydroxyapatite form, combined with super support from additional ingredients.

Calcium is considered an essential mineral because our bodies absolutely need it in order to maintain health. However‚ the catch is that our bodies can't produce it naturally‚ so we need to get calcium from our diets. However‚ if your diet is poor or if you're having insufficient calcium absorption‚ trying a calcium supplement like Total Calcium from Nutri West may be beneficial.

In addition to supporting muscle contractions‚ calcium plays an integral role in promoting a healthy immune system. Specifically‚ when tissue is broken‚ calcium signals the release of white blood cells to the location of the injury.

Most famously‚ calcium plays a large role in developing and maintaining bone density. As we age‚ our bones are more likely to lose density‚ which is why maintaining proper calcium levels can be very beneficial. Low bone density puts one at risk for osteoporosis‚ a bone condition characterized by weak‚ brittle bones.

Total Calcium also features other essential minerals like magnesium‚ which‚ like calcium‚ may also help support bone health. Magnesium may also supports proper muscle function.

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