Thera-Derm Pain Relieving Patches 6 x 13.75 by Vinco

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Chinese Herbs for Natural Pain Relief
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Brand: Vinco

Product Code: thera-derm-pain-relieving-patches-6-13-VNC

Servings per Container: 10

Quantity per Container: 10 Patches

Thera-Derm harnesses gentle yet powerful natural ingredients used in Chinese medicine to create therapeutic, pain-relieving patches. They're specifically designed to support soft tissue after musculoskeletal trauma.

The pain and swelling that results when the body is injured can have a detrimental impact on circulation. Without proper circulation, toxins and dead tissues can accumulate in the injured area and products necessary to repair damaged tissue may not be properly distributed.

Thera-Derm's Chinese herbs help remove toxins, stimulate blood circulation, control pain, and relax tight muscles for less discomfort and faster recovery.

Ingredients like Mentha Arvensis, Pini Resina, and Scrophulariae dilate blood vessels to help flush out the affected area. This allows Rehmanniae, Angelica Sinensis, and Paeoniae to nourish the blood and prepare the liver for the removal of dead cells. Meanwhile, Angelicae Dahuricae, Lindera, Commiphora, and Olibanum produce sudorific effects to help reduce swelling and pain.

Thera-Derm includes ten 6" by 13.75" patches for ultimate coverage for any aching joint or muscle.

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