Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with BioPQQ 100 Mg

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Enhanced Mitochondrial Support

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Brand: Life Extension

Product Code: super-ubiquinol-coq10-biopqq-100-mg-LFE

Servings per Container: 30

Quantity per Container: 30 Softgels

Life Extension continues to develop increasingly potent mitochondria-boosting formulations. Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with PQQ contains shilajit which stabilizes CoQ10 in its superior ubiquinol form plus facilitates more efficient delivery of CoQ10 into the mitochondria, which results in greater cellular energy production.

CoQ10 is required to convert the energy from fats and sugars you eat into usable cellular energy. More people are supplementing with CoQ10 than ever before. A key reason is increased awareness that the body’s production of CoQ10 declines significantly with advancing age.

Until recently, the only options for aging individuals to promote replenishment of the declining numbers of mitochondria in their bodies were long-term calorie restriction or exhaustive physical activity—difficult or impractical for most aging people. Now PQQ offers a viable alternative - PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) promotes spontaneous production of new mitochondria. In fact, PQQ promotes youthful cellular function in three distinct ways:

  • Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis. PQQ activates genes that promote the formation of fresh mitochondria. It also beneficially interacts with genes directly involved in mitochondrial health which support healthy body weight, normal fat and sugar metabolism and youthful cellular proliferation.
  • Mitochondrial defense. Mitochondria possess their own DNA, distinct from those contained in the cell nucleus. Unfortunately, compared to nuclear DNA, mitochondrial DNA are relatively unprotected. PQQ’s antioxidant potency and favorable gene-expression profile help boost mitochondrial defense.
  • Antioxidant power. PQQ is a potent antioxidant. Its extraordinary molecular stability enables it to facilitate thousands of antioxidant reactions in the mitochondria—without breaking down—for maximum antioxidant and bioenergetic support.

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by dog -

very helpful to energy, circulation and jet lag. this brand is pricey

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