Sinus Maximum Strength

by Forces Of Nature
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ImmuneDrops, Fast Absorption

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Brand: Forces Of Nature

Product Code: sinus-maximum-strength-FON

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Each year over 30 million Americans suffer from sinus related problems, a number which continues to rise. This rather staggering statistic makes it one of the most prevalent health issues which patients seek medical care. The reasons for the increase are related to increasing pollution and drug resistant bacteria.

Allium can bring great relief for nasal issues including congestion, burning, and sneezing. It assists in drying up nasal watery discharge. Acts swiftly to relieve nose/throat irritation, related headaches, hacking coughs and hoarseness.

The sublingual delivery system delivers ultra-fast results. 5-10 drops under the tongue acts to reverse sinus congestion, pain, and sinusitis symptoms. Forces of Nature's treatment of sinusitis not only helps drain the sinuses, but also acts on the root cause helping prevent recurrence. This treatment acts as a decongestant without any adverse side effects. It also addresses headaches caused by chronic sinusitis and relieves sinus pressure by acting on mucous membranes and the respiratory system to ease breathing difficulties. The end result is a sinus remedy serving as immunotherapy to stimulate one’s immune system and innate healing ability.

  • Sinus congestion, pain and pressure
  • Sneezing and runny nose
  • Promotes sinus health

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